Thursday, November 27, 2014

Extra Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving- whether you're at work on the water, selling shoes, or whatever it is you do, I hope you have the time and desire to mark the day as something to be thankful for.

 We got a nice surprise here at HAWSEPIPER's Afloat Global HQ/ Banquet hall. Whilst working on our corroborative cooking for the day (I'm going off the diet  wagon. After losing 2.5lbs in the last 10 days, (83lbs gone), I'm going to undo that, right here today).

 The big surprise is that the cargo scheduled to be loaded aboard tonight has been postponed for 24 hours, which means that other than a quick shifting of berths this evening, we're free to enjoy the food coma. For this we are extremely thankful.

EDIT: Never Mind. They moved it back to today. Dammit.

 The only regret I hold is that Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife and The Boy are alone today, with no family within 1500 miles. They're celebrating with some good friends, thank God, but it's a little tough on them. Life of a sailor's wife and all. Spare them a thought if you think of it, along with all the military wives, service industry folks, and others who are either working or separated from their loved ones.

 Here is a copy of my Thanksgiving post from the Book of Faces. Holidays always make me so sentimental.

"Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Spare a thought for the service industry folks working today; the oil industry folks, farmers, and and the plumber you'll call when your visiting aunt aunt stops up the head with something the size of a cat. Quit denying, auntie. We all know it was you."


RustyGunner said...

Happy Thanksgiving and Feliz dia de Acção de Graças to the Cap'n, the IHFW and sundered families everywhere. Fair winds and following seas this holiday season.

Capt Jill said...

And a big Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too. I hope you and you crew have a good time at the dock. At least you get a little bit of break there.

HT said...

Happy Thanksgiving Paul,be Safe out there. Once upon a time in the harbor...all the company's used to tie the boats up for Thanksgiving and Christmas (most guys lived local or close by)and you got paid for it too!If a boat was stuck working, that vessel got a catered meal and double pay.On Christmas the companies would have big party's in their yards for everyone and their families. Shit even the week leading up to a big holiday we would get cases of booze to distribute to all the dock workers. Have a Good Day Sir!