Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stuff and nonsense

Holy cow I'm sore. Started lifting weights to up the ante beyond my daily 2mi walk around my decks. So now my lower AND upper body feel like crap. Awesome.  It's 2am-ish as I write this and after night lunch, I'll be on my walk again anyhow.
 I watch that show "Deadliest Catch" pretty religiously after it airs- I have no time for TV watching, but I'll watch it online when I can. I was very excited to hear that Josh Harris (whose deceased father was a star on the show and whose final moments with his kids and friends were filmed and aired) purchased his father's boat today after 2 years of saving and working around the Alaskan crab fleet. I never expected I'd be a fanboi, but I've got a soft spot for fishing vessel crew who step up and buy in. I have to live vicariously out here.


I've had this package of "Jalepeno Mango Spicy Chicken Sausage" in the freezer for months. I keep looking at it and wondering why and where the hell I bought that. I'm slightly afraid, but I pulled it out to thaw yesterday, and tonight I'm going to do something with it. Cook it maybe. So, I've updated my last will, dusted off the anti-diarrhea pills and informed my next-of-kin. If I don't make it, someone tell my mom I love her.

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