Monday, November 19, 2012

uno mas!

One more watch.

     I've got the midwatch tonight- I'll be up at 2330 for night lunch  (a meal made out of something that is going to spoil, since I'm leaving for a few weeks and my relief will want the room in the fridge), and we're at a daylight-only berth for cargo ops, so most of the 8 hours I'll be awake will be spent exercising, packing my stuff and cleaning up after myself. After that, it's a matter of showering, getting a nap in, and then waking up to go home.
 I'm taking the train tomorrow. Train tickets from New York to Boston just 2 days before Thanksgiving are EXPENSIVE. And I could only get a business-class ticket on an Acela train, which doesn't help. But maybe it'll be a nice ride, and they have a bar, so I can have a diet beer and enjoy the taste of freedom while I read a book or whatever.

 In the meanwhile, here's some nice Brazilian girls for you to look at while I  get my act together.


Anonymous said...

You are good to your readers. On another subject, any thoughts:

HT said...

Enjoy your time off Paul and the holiday with your family...Happy Thanksgiving to you and your (Home) crew!

HT said...

Also Happy Thanksgiving to your fellow crew members that are out there working on this holiday...God bless them!

TheLordThyGod said...

Dammit Paul, I have work to do! Oh well...[unzips]