Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quiet midwatch.

I decided that I don't like midwatches when when we're not working.

Under normal circumstances, I'd polish some major booty in exchange for a watch off when I'm aboard here at HAWSEPIPER's floating HQ/monastery. This crude oil bidness isn't nearly as taxing as the bunker biz, however, and I feel that I can handle a fuller schedule. So, with every other day starting at midnight and me standing an 8 hour watch, I'd rather be working, so long as it ain't blowing 40 and raining. Sitting idle for 8 hours watching the tide rise and fall is for poets and layabouts when you're in a place so butt-ass ugly that there is nothing of nature to admire.


Irish said...

Where are you docked? ( or did I miss that in an earlier post?)


Paul, Dammit! said...

Right now, Pier 124 in Philthadelphia.