Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy birth...

oh, never mind.

I turned 37 on Saturday. I got a chance to go ashore, so I thought I'd celebrate by getting sushi for lunch somewhere new- I have never been to any store other than a grocer's and a Staples in New York, so I was feeling adventurous.
At the grocery store, however, my small purchases totaled $175, something like $75 more than I was expecting for the stuff I bought. That pretty much took care of my mad money for the duration of this tour.

My oldest nephew sailed with a carrier group out of Norfolk the other day. His first trip to sea. I am so proud. My timing is off, sadly, as it looks like I'll be heading to Norfolk for a week at the end of the month, there to hone my skills in a new port for a week. That will be week 6 of this voyage, and hopefully the last extra week I'll work for a few months.


doubletrouble said...

HBD youngster!

Anonymous said...

happy b'day!