Thursday, October 14, 2010

Enjoy the Effing Kool Aid, Comrade.

SO, TOday, inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife brings back her first graded exam as an American college student. It's her ESL class, of course. Our local state-funded community college is the scene where said exam took place.

Page 1 is about comprehension and grammar.

Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised, as a man who studies the art of critical thinking, that the vehicle used to measure my wife's comprehension in English is an essay on President Barrack Obama's qualities and rise to the Presidency. I'm not a 100% cynic, but I might be after this. I try heroically not to rant and rave, but damn, it's hard. The essay extols the President in a poetic fashion that a boozebag might use to describe a free bottle of Jack Daniels. I'm not kidding. That essay was so far up the Glorious Prez's booty that it was scraping the back of his teeth with the staple.

I'm staying out of this, politically. As I often do with political issues, I try to reverse the association of the subject- imagine if the first exam that a foreign-born college student takes was based on Ronald Reagan. The other professors would be searching for a nice stadium and a half dozen hungry lions to run the offending teacher around.

Anyhow, I tried to explain all this to my wife. She was more interested in whether or not I was going to cook dinner tonight.

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TheLordThyGod said...

Don't leave me hangin' dude - did you cook dinner or not?