Saturday, February 20, 2010

New blogses!

I've thrown in a couple of more links to other places that I visit when I want to see how people who know how to write write. See?

Bills of lading- Velu is the captain of an oil tanker, and yet still answers my fan mail. Obviously, he's either very cool or has no spam filter on his email account, and can't figure out how to make me go away.

Very Demotivational- used to be hilarious, now sort of hit-or-miss, but still worth a look. In the end I included it because of the easter eggs- once a week or so, it's good for a laugh-out-loud moment.

Clark Island Boat Works
home of my fantasy lobster boat, and builder of the best looking boats in my past life as a lobsterman. Kind of makes me feel bad, in that these guys build beautiful boats one after another, and I've still got that 23-footer in my mom's driveway, 90% complete, just like it was a year ago.

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Velu said...

hey paul.

Thanks for putting my blog back on the list!