Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Eff Off!

Las Vegas scumbags, er, political representatives, complain about president's comments

Now, I am NOT a fan of the current president. Fine. Still, the guy's getting toasted by the media for saying what every single fucking middle class person in the world says every day. It's not correct, acceptable, or right, for a family to spend their children's education money or on a vacation to Las Vegas, and there's no difference between that and a bank that accepted bailout money sending execs to 'conventions' there. This is a time to save and wait, period.

Anyhow, Nevada is america's place to go off and die in a puddle of your own fluids when you don't want to sit around in Florida all comfortable-like for your last 30 years, surrounded by friends.

Score one for the Prez. After just over a year in office, he finally said something I agreed with.

Of course, I agreed with elderly comedian Bill Cosby, when he said that black parents should be ashamed when they spend $200 on their kids' shoes, but won't spend $10 on a book. He got all kinds of shit for that too.

Common sense has no place in politics.


doubletrouble said...

My problem was that the 0ne felt it necessary to inform the citizenry to not gamble away their dineros.

'Cause otherwise, we're too stupid to understand that on our own.

But then again, nothing coming out of that guy's mouth is worth half a dried dog turd, IMO...

Anonymous said...

"But then again, nothing coming out of that guy's mouth is worth half a dried dog turd, IMO..."

Yes, we are into our 9th year of that stuff.

"Cause otherwise, we're too stupid to understand that on our own."

A given!

Paul, Dammit! said...

Not that I would pee on the president if he were on fire, but I think that the average Jose might just actually gamble away that money. Look at the average credit card debt of yon city folk, and the same people buying a $450,000 house on $30,000 a year! Honestly, president Zer0bama might have hit the nail on the head IMHO. There are so many city-dwelling asses out there that live in a vacuum, they might actually listen to the guy.

I dunno, I might be way off base, but even a stopped clock is dead-on twice a day.

Rob Earle said...

Has a government official warning us about a vice ever really stopped anyone from doing it? We all know how well Prohibition worked out. Then there's cigarettes and that Surgeon General's warning. As Denis Leary said, you could put a skull and crossbones on every pack and name them "Tumors" and people would line up around the block to buy them. And if people wanna gamble, they're gonna gamble.

Paul is right, though, that even if you don't like O in general that doesn't mean he's always wrong. I mostly couldn't stand ol' W's policies, but I agreed with him on a few things and sure admired they way he would intentionally (although he would probably never admit it) goad the other side.