Sunday, December 14, 2008

breaking up the band

More people heading home today, and more people showing up.

I said goodbye to my watch officer, JimmyJames today. I spoke more to the guy today than I have since he came aboard 90 days ago. Just shows how hard it is to get a bead on a person.
JJ's relief is Charlie, one of our frequent flyers. Carlie is a young guy from what we call the Prick Factory, Kings Point. Perversely, we haven't had too many pricks from there, which seemingly belies the notion, but hey.
I've got someone to talk shop with, as Charlie is an accomplished commercial fisherman, and owns his own thriving business as a charter captain out on Long Island Sound. So, not only can I talk about one of the few things I care and love to talk about, but it's a two way street. Good times. Anyhow, should keep things lively here, anyhow.

After a couple of days in the cold, plus my own foolish agreement to cover somebody's watch today, my bummy hip is aching like balls. That being said, the cold weather has also tripled my energy level. I love this time of year. I do lose time in the Fashion Show; that is, the throwing on and off of layers throughout the watch, depending on the exertion level, but damn, it's comfortable.

Also, I took delivery of my last 6 cases of diet pepsi for this voyage. Part of the deal with my standing watch this afternoon so one of my shipmates could go and hold his kid for a few hours. This will carry me to our next port up the Delaware river, and back into the Gulf for a few days before I head home for a brief rest.


Mike! said...

come on and post some photos. What does your bunk look like? A meal? Your the fashon show area? The goons on the dock? I'd like ot see a photo of anything acompany each post.

Also your a little out there on the jargon latley. Us landlubbers who are living this ride through you have no idea what your are talkin about. Were I not a local I'd have no idea what kings point is. BTW I do love your blog too.

Mike! said...

Did you leve that gun thing alone too?

If you can give me some warning I'd be happy to drop of a case of pepsi for ya in the NYC area. Just tell me where and when and the more warning the better.