Sunday, April 27, 2014

I feel completely...whelmed.

It's been awful busy here at HAWSEPIPER's Afloat  Global HQ/Fitness center. Friday was by far the most bandwidth-intensive days I've ever had at sea. I got my lease and HOA paperwork for my new home in South Florida, thank the Seven Mad gods of the Sea (Long may they reign. Long may they piss light on the heads of the damned), and had to sign, initial, resign, and countersign about 75 pages in at least 4 different documents going to 3 different groups. I had to get my wife into the action, too, cutting bank checks and overnighting them, because despite leasing a house from the largest realtor in the world, the owner is fucking ancient, and being from the 19th century, demands payment by a note-in-hand, and damn the idea of banking using that child Edison's electric fluid.

 Anyways, all done now. Nothing left to do but wait for the Homeowner's association to do a background check on me. Considering that the Ministry of Truth, in it's personage as the Department of Homeland Security, does the same pretty regularly, as does the FBI at the Coast Guard's request, I'm not too worried. If someone trusts me to run a floating fuel tank with more explosive potential than 100 MOAB's, and do so within shitting distance of the Manhattan waterfront, I'm pretty sure it'll be OK.

 As I mentioned on the Facebook, though, I killed enough trees on Friday to BUILD my own house down there in Florida, heaven's on-deck circle.

 Anyhow, it's on to cleaning up the logistical planning that I already laid out.

 So, while that was happening, I was also doing work-related paperwork and the assorted tasks associated with keeping a busy workplace working. In the middle there, I got a sort of runner's high, in terms of the mild exhilaration of perfect situational awareness when you're completely engaged and not fucking up OR off.

 A busy weekend has followed. We're moving oil, Jack, and no mistake. Everyone's getting some. I've got a nice break this afternoon, and that will be taken up, once my ass gets offline, with walking in circles for an hour, some lifting and then back to business.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on your purchase. Yeah, its a major pain in the ass, but definitly worth it!
I know what you mean about the background check. I also have a USCG license and so a TWIC, the purpose of which is "unescorted access through a port". I also have security clearance for work. Background checks up the ying-yang over the years for work. But NOT acceptable to get 'trusted traveler' status at the airports due to a "reckless driving' conviction! The government feels like maybe I might try to steal the plane and drive it recklessly maybe??? The idiots have decided that ANY misdemeaner conviction in the last 5 or so years makes you a serious threat!