Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A short but ugly thing

Illegal commercial fishing is a thing.

 You ever eat Orange Roughy? Patagonian Toothfish? Chilean Sea Bass? You've probably been eating illegally caught fish. Most of the fish marketed in the US of those species is landed illegally. No big deal; I mean, the entire EU fishes illegally. They set a quota in conference with the US to regulate the catch of expensive fish like sword and tuna. When the US catches their quota, these Highly Migratory fish are no longer fished by the US fleet under a treaty sharing that same name. Well, except where the EU member states fudge the books and drop zeros in their records wink wink nudge nudge. Funny thing. Pulling shit like that also is partially responsible for the piracy problem in the Horn of Africa. The Europeans sign treaties, but maintain the moral flexibility to ignore them when no one's looking. Take away a nation's livelihood by catching all their fish and then using their coast to dispose of your toxic waste, well then the entrepreneurs branch out.

 Asian and European distant water vessels have been supplying illegally caught fish for the world ever since fishing was regulated. Unfortunately, the big money items like Patagonian Toothfish are found in butt-ass cold places south of Tierra Del Fuego and in Antarctic waters.

 Well, apparently a few days ago a 250-footer's EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicting Radio Beacon) went off, indicating trouble. Nearest vessel was over 1000 miles away. No one is exactly sure who the owner is or what or where the boat is, because of 'confusion' over ownership.  Worst thing that could happen to the owner is that the boat and crew were found safe, but that's not bloody likely with the Antarctic winter approaching. They've already called off the search.  The poor pricks who signed on to fish, 3rd world nationals, chances are, are long dead.

 Eat up, folks.

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bowsprite said...

I am sorry.

No more fish: eat duck

necrophiliac homosexual duck had his evil way for over an hour. Some chef should open a restaurant serving duck, deer, zebra mussels, asian carp and kudzu. If they charge exorbitantly high enough, it will get attractive and desirable.

With Key Lime Lyme Tick reduction glaze. mmm.