Monday, July 15, 2013

hilt deep I stab

So, I do like to look at nekkid ladies, admittedly. Thus, I subscribed to Jenny McCarthy's facebook page.

   Did you hear that she's going to be on the TV show "The View?" That's one of those shows, like Wheel Of Fortune, that idiots watch rather than the news. This is disturbing, in that Jenny is a funny but vapid fool with beautiful breasteses who is just smart enough to speak well but not intelligently, and she embraces weird-ass ideas like the whole thing about not vaccinating your kids because since everyone else does, you don't have to, and since she passed on antisocial tendencies in her gene line, expressed as autism, she magically made the connection between her kids having been vaccinated with having autism, even though the connection between the two was debunked 20 years ago.

 FWIW, I need to get home soon so I can purge my kid with tobacco smoke and sacrifices to Gilgamesh so he turns out to be a mighty warrior. There's actually a stronger correlation between that and health when compared to the connection between Vaccines and autism.

 At any rate, I sent a nice Facebook message to Ms. McCarthy, as she will soon be the only woman on "The View" who isn't a spavined freemartin, but yeah, I also chastized her for her 13th century views on medicine. Well, more precisely, I might have said something about her having helped kill more kids than SIDS, but whatever. Point is that I threw a brick of science through a very ignorant window, with prejudice. You're welcome.


bigsoxfan said...

Pretty sure breasteses is spelled with two SS's, otherwise Amen.

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