Sunday, July 21, 2013


We had some serious thundersqualls cross the deck last night just prior to sailing from Bayonne NJ. Sitting in the house looking out the porthole, I could see and hear the hawsers groaning under the strain- the wind was coming right across our beam, and even with all our lines bowsed tight, the wind blew us 2 feet off the the dolphins and reduced the breasting lines to damn near 1/2 their normal diameter under that strain. As we are very lightly loaded for today's fuel run, the wind had a lot of hull to bite on- had we been loaded more deeply we would have shrugged off the weather nicely, but after the cold front came through with winds pushing 40kt, we sailed in between a couple of squalls and scooted over to a nearby lay berth to wait for our next discharge out in Stapleton Anchorage in NY later today. This morning was spent tidying up, of course. After it comes on to blow like that things get tossed around- laziness and inattention during weeks of calm always means a fresh supply of crap on deck that needs to get cleaned up. Amazing how much stuff accumulates even on a tidy deck.

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