Monday, July 15, 2013

halfway home

Tomorrow marks the halfway point of this trip. It's been...a little unpleasant physically, this being July and all. Meat for the blog grinder has been a little light, I know, these past 2 months. I do hate heat waves and being rained on, and that's pretty much been the story of these past few weeks, and that certainly doesn't help.

Other stuff impinges. My mom is sick, and on the mend, thankfully, but that's never easy when you're bobbing around out on the water. Driving in the rain last time I was home, I rear ended someone; first time I was ever at fault in an accident, and didn't that suck. My beautiful new truck needs a nose job, and lord knows when I'll have time for that. Anyhow, I'll try to get re-inspired here at some point.


MR.K said...

Keep your chin up. Sure all your other readers have you and your family in their thoughts!

Borepatch said...

The truck, while a PITA is less important than your Mom. Or you.

Fair winds and Following Seas, my friend.