Thursday, August 2, 2012


Well, 6 days at home wasn't enough, but I'm back to work anyhow. We're under the lash just now, working steadily for one of the oil majors who is infamous for trying to plug their history of oil leaks with paperwork (and succeeding only in killing trees). My writing hand is getting more exercise than anything else (no, that's not a double entendre). Anyhow, it's right into the grind for yours truly, and with 3 big ass cables of mooring line just arrived this afternoon and in need of parceling and splicing, the day off between jobs will be spent splicing and faking down lines old and new, a somewhat dirty task but necessary for all that.
   As I type, I'm waiting on a dockman to meet us so we can get some oil flowing and get on to the next part of the job- I'm not feeling motivated to write just now, which is probably obvious from the declining quality and quantity of posts, but I'm sure it'll pick up. If nothing else, I have this weekend's Brazilian Beauties to post later on.

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