Monday, August 13, 2012

pondering the ponderables

I just put in a pre-order for 10 large sticks of venison bologna from a friend who's a butcher down in the carolinas. I'm not sure what it is, and what it tastes like, but I don't care because VENISON BOLOGNA! Screw the price tag. We also put in for a 20lb bag of venison jerky to be delivered on board the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, so I foresee everyone on board being bunged up tighter than Dick's hatband by that weekend.

I went to Fairway Market today, too. For those of you not in the know, Fairway is possible the largest gourmet grocery store in the US. It's expensive, but worth every goddam penny. As an example, I bought a pair of Brazilian avocados (they're the size of a moderately-sized watermelon), and a bag of poblano peppers, along with some thai chile dipping sauce for my bread. Unfortunately, while enjoying the hell out of my dipping sauce, I burnt the ever living hell out of my index fingers while trying to roast my peppers, so... that happened, and now I can't pick my nose for a few days.

I always miss the best stuff when I'm at work. Birthdays (sorry meu amor), family events, concerts, and more recently the 5th anual Bloggershoot, when like minded folks get together and shoot the hell out of stuff. This year marks the 5th year in a row that I've missed it. At any rate, I'm actually going to be home for Larry Correia's local booksigning for his newest book so I'm wicked excited about that, as he's my one of my current favorite escapist guntech fantasy writers. Thus far Jay G and Kevin Glennon have expressed interest in going. Seeing as I only get let out of my cage and allowed ashore once in a blue moon I'm with child at the opportunity to turn fanboi where my family can't see.

Tomorrow marks the halfway point of my scheduled tour here aboard this time, and my erstwhile hetero life partner Bryan is going home. Cowboy D, my tankerman, isn't coming back, so we've got a sub coming in, a brand new nugget of a tankerman who I liked very much in his days as a tugboater. Should be interesting, in the Chinese sense, times.


Borepatch said...

Venison Jerkey, mmmmmm.

HT said...

Time to break a new tankerman in, that's always fun when that person was a good deckhand,their always appreciative... the only thing that sucks is you teach them and then the company always puts them somewhere else.What happened to the Cowboy? Moved on or was promoted?

Anonymous said...

Deer season starts wednesday in SC. Check out &

Paul, Dammit! said...

HT, moved on. We were bummed out out here. New guy is a temp for now, but if he's cool and fits in, should be solid once he's trained up.

HT said...

Sorry to hear that,I know how it feels to loose a good partner. But hopefully he is on to better things...that's whats important. Hope your new guy works out for you, bunker work is not for everyone. I enjoyed it because it was always a challenge. Good luck Paul, maybe your new dude will be cool!