Friday, August 10, 2012

New Blogs!

As always, I'm 6 months behind updating my blogroll, but here are some new listings of places I go when I'm not here:

Tam's 'View From the Porch' wicked smaht square state gun girl blog, and home to some very thoughtful snark, as well!

Sarah Hoyt: An active author muses on writing and real life. Absolutely worth reading

Breda: another web celeb in the gun nuts blogosphere- the world's most deadly librarian.

Lucrative Pain: Christina, fellow MAsshole and massage therapist- don't hate her because she's from the North Shore. They're people too.

Monster Hunter Nation: Author/CPA/giant, Larry's the VERY author who brings real gun tech, accounting and ass-kicking into real life and fiction, too.

Munchkin Wrangler: Marko is another successful author, who made his way across the border to the Free Republic of New Hampshire.

The Dingleberry: A man and his cat, and yet, not gay.

Dr. Boli's Celebrated Magazine: Fueled by laudanum, decked out in cravat and waistcoat at all hours, and the obvious result of repeated hits to the head by Jesuit schoolteachers.

 More to come, but you get the idea. There's some smaht people with wicked pissa blogs out there.

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Tam said...

Thanks for the link! :)