Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The watchman

 I was definitely wearing The Golden Horseshoe this past week. 

        I got to be watchman at our lay berth.  The crew shortage my employer is dealing with after a mass exodus in the past two months has left our managers scrambling to put the meats in the seats on board, and as a result my employer laid up two vessels so that the crews could be spread out to fill the gaps. One of the vessels in question is the HQ. Luckily we're hot stacked, so we're ready to work, not fully laid up, which is a blessing, though who knows what the future holds. 

 Anyhow, I've been able to keep up on our PM's, and while the weather has been shitty overall, I've been able to mostly stay dry. I've been watching over things at the berth, being Johnny-on-the-spot and generally trying to use my time wisely. The HQ, if she stays in service, is in fine form. 


Rob said...

Why did folks leave? (I'm just curious).

Paul, Dammit! said...

Rob, without bad-mouthing my employer, which would be dumb even for me, the short answer is pay.

ThatSlyB said...

Crazy low pay. I was probably the first tankerman to leave right when spots started opening elsewhere (around November). When I told some of my friends that I am now making 30% more to do the same job elsewhere, they came over here too.

ThatSlyB said...

420 a day vs 565 a day is an easy decision.