Tuesday, December 14, 2021

it's quiet...

 ...too quiet. 

 Shit's making me nervous.  My partner-in-crime of 11 years, B, was ganked off of here last week for a few days. I got to sit at a lay berth for 2 days all alone. It was awesome. I walked 6-7 miles every day around Brooklyn. He returned, and we haven't had orders since. We've taken the time to work on all the cold-weather maintenance we could get to, changed out some cargo hoses, took on stores, did cargo pump oil changes, etc etc...all time-consuming projects that took advantage of having shore access where a truck could pull up alongside us and our deck crane could swing heavy shit back and forth. 

Today was my last day watch. As I go home in a week, I will go to bed and get up at 1am to take the second half of the night watch, and while I can sleep tomorrow after breakfasttime, I will be working in the dark and going to bed with the sun thereafter. 

 Working nights sucks, honestly, but the positive aspect of it is that there are no office phone calls barring any surprises. 

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