Friday, June 11, 2021

...and back again

 That was one of the best long weekends I have ever had. The Blue Ridge mountains are amazing. As is North Carolina's high country. Wow. 

 my last week at home was spent working on my house and in my shop, and I got to see family, which was always nice. 

 Less nice was the results of all that fun on my waistline. Holy crap. Now that I'm back to work, I'm hitting the weights and walking in circles on deck daily. I have to. I ended last year about 60lbs lighter than I'd started it, and have no interest in going backwards... well, pretty much I just did, to the tune of 20lbs or so, so I'm back to it. What really sucks is that the extra weight can be felt in my joints, so I have to proceed slowly at first. 

        Nothing else to report, really. I fell back into routine pretty easily, although I was pretty homesick my first night back. Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife and I spent a good 10 of my 14 days off together about 23 hours a day. Something of a treat, really, as we're neither of us sedentary types. We overdid it one day, spending the day outdoors swimming, drinking beer,  ordered takeout and next thing you know it was 1am, and we'd been in the backyard for 12 hours. I buzzed my hair the day before and got a pretty fair sunburn on the top of my head, so, yeah, that sucked. Still, great day. 

          And here I am on a quiet night watch at anchor, a blessed event, and rare for it, too. Routine. Not much blog fodder. 

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