Saturday, March 14, 2020

Make Ready For Sea!

After 7 (!) years, the HQ is putting to sea.
 7 years ago, B and I and our 2nd man, D, Were exiled to Philadelphia on a 6 month crude oil contract on the original HQ.  When the contract was done, we were kicked off the HQ and given a new HQ fresh out of shipyard, only this one, the crew quarters were disgusting and the overall level of care was absolutely marginal.
 We had spent 2 years on customizing the interior of the HQ. Cabinetry was custom, there was an entertainment center built by us, we put up brass fittings, hung potted plants... basically made the place like a wealthy person's study. And it was taken away from us. The guys who had lived like animals for 5 years and turned their crew quarters into a maggot-filled shit-encrusted dump got the HQ, and we got their... leftovers.
 That always left a bad taste in my mouth. The managers who fucked us that badly did so out of necessity. But at the end of that contract, B and I headed back to NY and went back to work.

 So we got the call last week that they want the HQ down in Philly. Thing is, B and I are a known quantity, we'll get shit done. The HQ is also known. It's needed down there. Ironically, our old HQ needs to go to the shipyard. They're sending us to fill the gaps.
 B and I never made the HQ luxurious like the old one. Frankly we couldn't afford to do that twice. The  old HQ was put in the hands of the pair of disgusting,unhygienic shitbirds who fucked up our present quarters originally. It's since changed hands repeatedly, and hopefully the guys who have it take care of it but who knows. Regardless, we're nervous. Our employer absolutely rewarded us last time for fulfilling a difficult contract by fucking us directly in the ass without benefit of lube or even a token thank-you 7 years ago, when we were given a great hull in exchange for a good one, and told to pound sand about our complaints about it being rat infested, disgusting and dirty.
 Thing is, the good people who let us throw money at the quarters to turn the HQ into a home were here in NY. In Philly? The office drones who are reputed to me more interested in appearances and less in people are there.
 I pray we are pleasantly surprised. I'm good with the change of scenery. I am happy to do some new jobs in places I haven't been for 8 years. Temporarily. I prefer the known quantities of our present managers. All I know about the Philly shoreside crew, last time I worked a bad job there, after 36 hours of  killing myself without a break, I got shit for not wearing coverallls with the company logo.

 So I'm nervous, slightly, about going there. Excited too, though. Last time I dealt with these folks I got a big mouthful of shit and got fussed at for not being grateful for it, though, so I'm nervous. On the upside, I am ready to fly the flag and show these guys that after 7+ years of working in the pressure cooker of NY, the small potatoes they have to deal with can be met without breaking a sweat.


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I hope the Philly people don't buddy-fuck you too much. It is Philly... so...

Stay calm and enjoy a lighter work schedule while watching the office pukes try to screw you for not following their rules that contradict company or industry rules.