Sunday, January 26, 2020

I'm alive!

It's been a few weeks since I posted, and honestly, I didn't miss it. I guess I really am winding down here.

   I got to go home for a few weeks, and I'm back at work again now. Much has happened, not much of it newsworthy. Going home was good, a touch stressful at times. Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife got promoted at work, which is welcome news for her, as she wasn't overly enamored of her supervisor, but turns out her employer wasn't overly enamored of her supervisor neither, and now she's much happier. It was hard to focus on anything more than the mundane when my wife was coming home so stressed all the time.  We completed several major projects at home, which is always rewarding, and my son needed me to help resolve a bunch of things, which left little time for relaxing.

 Well, I got a bunch of shit done, and I had a little time to spend in my shop, 2 afternoons only this time, but it was enough to get some things done at least. After that, there wasn't time for much else, couple of little projects at home, that's about it, and back to work.


STxAR said...

I've seen that happen before. A no account gets up in the org, and finally steps on his trouser snake, and someone that weathered his bs gets the job. And turns out to be 10 times the supervisor bs was.

Good on her! Thanks for the keeping the site up, I cruise your blog side bar routinely.

Rob said...

Good morning! It's the first Friday in March and I though I'd check in and see if I'd missed anything by you. I hadn't.
I was just up in NYC for a few days to visit my wife's friends, the weather was good. No ferry rides this time but I did spend the big bucks to the top of the Empire State Building. Now I'm back in WA state, looking down on the calm waters of the Hood Canal and doing my morning stuff on the computer.

I do hope that you and yours are well and stay that way through these troubled times!