Wednesday, October 9, 2019

dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Well, courtesy of what I think was a paper towel thrown in a toilet here on the HQ we had a blowout again in the holding tank, so we lost half a day getting cleaned out, which was mostly done by me with the help of a couple of guys and a honey wagon. This being the second time in two months that this has happened pretty much makes it hard to have a nice day after something like that.

 Marine toilets are delicate. You can put pee, poop and single-ply toilet paper in them, and anything else but that will destroy the system causing things like last month's energetic loss of containment, the Shitsplosion, or this month, when the system just got clogged and we had a Crapalanche.

 Either way, I got to clean a couple hundred gallons of ghosts of meals past, which (I looked) isn't in my job normal job description. So it goes, though. They give me my munificent salary and expect me to care for the HQ, so care I must.

         Since then, it's been really busy with straightforward work, no really crazy jobs like we've had in the past few weeks, just a lot of work. Some go really well, like the last job, where I was working with great folks, and the enormous Ukrainian engineer took a liking to me because one of us on here has an NRA cap, and the guy's an avid hunter, so we got to bond over stories of things we've killed and eaten. That made a blustery rainy wet day go by nice. The job last night OTOH was an exercise in patience, where the all-Chinese crew was more interested in arguing with each other and it literally took two hours to connect my cargo hose, which I can do in 10 minutes, and then they disappeared for another two hours before someone remembered that they were supposed to take on fuel. There are days like that too.

      Either way, I kinda got my ass handed to me today, physically it was a pretty demanding day, but tonight we get to sit out in the anchorage. I'll be asleep and there's a job when I wake up for watch again tomorrow morning, but I guess if they're gonna pay me I'm OK with that.

 ah well. One week to go.

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Ebb Tide said...

My engineer would kill anyone who bought corn aboard on a grub run.