Monday, July 30, 2018

Check these guys out: ACORN TO ARABELLA

 On the occasions where I have a decent cell signal, and after other business gets taken care of, I like to watch Youtube videos of people who make stuff. Boats, woodwork, fiberglass, manufacturing processes, whatever. And hunting videos, too, just because the one color I don't see out here is the green you find on leaves- well, with the exception of the enormous pothos plant that I've been growing in my galley for the past 8 years, which has vines about 30' long running across the overhead.

       I have my regular sites that I watch, some of which you can see in the links on the sidebar.

 One new channel that I've been enjoying is 'Acorn To Arabella,' two young guys from MA who are building a wooden sailboat utterly from scratch. 

   And I'm not kidding, when I say 'from scratch.'   These guys are felling trees and milling logs to get the wood they need. And they're doing it, too. The process of cutting stock, building an assembly shed, and lofting the lines is all documented, errors and all, which is half the fun of youtube.

   While I spent last week bitching that the mailman delivered me some shitty walnut planks, you can watch Steve hanging 20' in the air limbing a tree trying to make room for a shed.

I can't link to youtube here because I'm piggybacking on the HQ's Wifi, and the powers that be believe that Youtube is the devil. But here's their channel. Check it out.

 If you're of a mind to, maybe throw them a couple of bucks. These guys are working hard and worthy of support. 


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