Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Gimme more!

Blogging is going to be light for two more weeks, as I'm still at home, enjoying the longest break from sea I've had in 10 years.

 Not gonna lie, it's been nice.

     Since I'm in school mode, I signed up for some refresher training over the next two weeks. Advanced Firefighting and Basic Safety Training recert classes, specifically. It takes a lot of classtime and money to maintain even relatively simple merchant mariner credentials. Le sigh.

 Unfortunately, I can't justify renting another Jaguar for a pair of one-day classes a week apart. Also le sigh. I'll be using the family mommobile I'm sure.

Something else, something huge, something awesome happened. On Saturday, I made my LAST STUDENT LOAN PAYMENT.    After just under 20 years, my student loans are paid off.
 I barely know what to do with myself.


Rob said...

20 years to pay off the student loans. Was it worth the money?

Heath J said...

Fuckin' A man, good on ya.

Lots of bourbon and a steak? Man's gotta treat himself for a milestone like that.

STxAR said...

I felt like dancing when I paid off my last payment (total loan was about $6000). I can't.... 20 years..... Advanced Rocket Surgery must be expensive..... Good for you. I can't even imagine your relief....

Will said...

Got a BiL who graduated med school around '88 with a $250k loan. Couple years later, he had to set up a clinic with a couple others to split the costs of the paper shufflers required by various .govs and insurance co's. My sister mentioned that he occasionally doesn't get a paycheck, since they have so many office workers who get paid first.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Was it worth it? Eh?

Sometimes. Learning how to learn, using the scientific method properly is a life skill. One I use. Occasionally.

So my answer really depends on the day when you ask. Often enough, it's no.