Friday, June 9, 2017

We Go

Damn, it's busy.

 The past week has been nonstop, with one 6-hour exception. I wake up, eat, go on watch and load or discharge. I cook 2-watches' worth of food when we're underway between jobs, which, in NY, means only 15-45 minutes from berth to ship and back. Finish watch, hand it off to my relief, and go to my bunk. Wash, rinse repeat. Every other watch, I shower.

 It's been back-to-back jobs. Our office calls, pesters us to finish as they've scheduled our next job 30 minutes before we finish the current one. We work, have watch change, heat up whatever is already cooked and eat on the fly. I wrapped a cold chicken breast in a napkin last night and ate it while topping of tanks. That was dinner. That was the only time I wasn't running around. I had to stay literally on the top of the tanks.

 So, we're hustling. With the fill-in barge we're not sleeping much, so fatigue has been an issue. We've got some broken equipment on board, but no time to get it fixed until we actually can't do our jobs, I guess.

 So it goes. Anyhow, no real time to write, or inspiration to do so. I can't even take a dump in peace right now. The fucking bathroom is so small that my shoulders don't fit in the stall, so I have to stretch out like I'm doing wheelchair yoga.

 Kinda hating life right now. Grateful I am still working in this economy, but I feel like an old man. My hips, shoulders and knees hurt like hell.

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