Friday, May 19, 2017

home, thankfully

Well, I'm at home, typing this from my kitchen. It's nice to be here. I have done VERY LITTLE in the 2 full days I've been here, which has also been nice.

   I've got a full day of fixing and maintaining stuff going on.

 Work was pretty wonky the last few days. I was bummed to learn that I'll be reassigned to a new bunker barge when I get back. Not sure if it's temporary or permanent, yet, but we're going over as a crew, so that's positive, at least. I'm thankful to still have  a job. The past month has seen a LOT of layoffs and laying-up of fuel barges throughout the US, and it's finally reached the northeast, too. Lot of good people are getting sent home.
 I don't feel like writing more on this. While it's an interesting subject, it's also a business issue that my employer will have to be dealing with and I'd rather not throw gasoline on a fire without putting on some asbestos underwear first, thank you.

   At any rate, I turned 43 shortly before coming home. I've never much given a shit about my birthday, anyhow. When I got home, however, my wife and kid surprised me a lot with presents, a cake, decorations, etc. Very cute, really. My wife kicks ass.

 My kid especially, in this case. He found some old albums, and, after laughing about my appearance as a college student (long, big hair. I played bass in a heavy metal band, God help us), he painted a picture of me and gave it to me when I got home.

Not my finest hour, appearance-wise. I do miss my old hairline, though. 


Bob said...

Thought it was artwork of Jesus of Nazareth, myself. Kid draws good.

Anonymous said...

Looks fine to me. I'm 9 years older than you, & it looks a bit like me--subtracting the beard, & adding some gray to the hair.
--Tennessee Budd

JayNola said...

Dude. That's an awesome metal Jesus painting.