Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Housekeeping- new blogs!

I had to clean up my blogroll a bit, and added some new blogs in there- stuff I've been reading a while. I'm terrible at linking to people who's stuff I like.

John C. Wright's Journal- sci-fi writer, recovering lawyer, and a deeply religious man, John Wright writes with a great gift for metaphor and  he's not someone you want to get into a debate with if you don't come armed with subject-matter expertise. Dude will pray for you then dissect you. I enjoy seeing him do this.

Captain Jill's Journey's- Captain Jill is a ship's master who specializes in oil rigs (they have maritime officers just like a traditional hulled ship), and writes about her travel, domestic adventures in Texas, blogging and photography, and the state of the oil patch (currently horrible). She's an avid Libertarian and lover of the remains of formerly free America, and is very persuasive but writes sparingly on politics.

Nobody Asked Me- A retired naval Intelligence officer, Old NFO writes about military stuff, flying, America, and the absurdities of politics.

 Check 'em out- they're in my list of sites I check every day, and maybe you'll see why...


Anonymous said...

kenny at knuckledraggin my life away is a good blog too. Have you ever been over to baen's bar?
fritz (aka leaperman)

Paul, Dammit! said...

Fritz- yup, but not in a long while. I'll look in today, I think.

Jill said...

Thanks so much for following me and adding me to your blogroll!
I always enjoy your posts too. Different parts of the maritime industry, but still so much similar.
You're right, the oilfield is in the shitter and no telling when it might recover. I've been trying to find work in some other sector, but the Coast Guard (in it's infinite wisdom) has decided to put us all in smaller and smaller boxes to limit our possibilities of finding jobs outside the last one we had.
I do talk politics, but try to avoid getting so pissed off every day. ;-)