Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Now with More Sensitivity

 Trigger warning: contains eggs, gluten, patriarchy, dem feels, rape culture and references to "Nacho Libre" ...and was prepared in a facility that contains nuts. 

Well, I've been back on board the HQ for about 12 hours now. Crew change was fairly routine- I moved my stuff in, made up my bunk, and racked out, woke up at midnight for watch. Quick turnaround- by the time I was up and about, we were almost finished with the job, so I just had to wrap things up and see us sailed to our mooring buoy out in the harbor.

       The cold was something of a shock. After just 2 weeks in the warmth and sun of south FL, I was nonplussed by the 32-degrees-and-gusty day. Ah well. By the time I see my house again, it'll be roasting hot at home, not the sunny and 75-80 that I truly love.
           My last days at home were unusually slow- some of my wife's family was visiting, and since they were all nattering away in their language, I left them to it as much as I could.
         I had some fun trolling a young lady on an acquaintances' FecesBook page. Said young person got mortally offended that I used the term 'pussy' as an insult, and then I (gasp) refused to apologize for it. What followed, off and on for the next 6 hours was her ranting and insulting me (I don't know this person. Said acquaintance is a musician who went to college with a friend 20 years ago, and we're on the periphery of each others' social circle based on a couple of mutual friends. At any rate, I was getting insulted left and right, called all sorts of choice names for not immediately being penitent for using the word pussy, because wrongthink.

 It was precious. I even said so. Great stuff to get a giggle out of while sitting on the toilet and taking a break from packing my seabag. Anyhow, it helped pass the time. I really am getting contrary in my middle age. Young kids, northeastern WASP girls especially, are so sensitive and preachy. I feel like it's not my fault at all for antagonizing the poor young lady. You don't dangle a damn steak in front of a lion and blame it for interpreting it as being lunchtime, after all.


        I made a point to visit HMF , an amazing bar in Palm Beach, FL, this time, too. I don't go there every time I go home, because appetizers for three and a pair of drinks each runs around $200, but if you ever get the chance, it's worth going. It's one of the hotel bars at The Breakers hotel, one of the most elegant and unfortunately, expensive hotels in the US. My wife and I go because, despite the rather steep price, walking the grounds, gardens, beach and the hotel's marble first floor is a great way to spend an evening. I keep hoping to see Sofia Vergara there (she got married there, and apparently the hotel is one of her favorite places), but so far all I've seen is some of the Saudi royal family, the guy who was in "Burn Notice"  and Christopher Walken. I could give two shits about some arabs, but seeing Christopher Walken was damn cool.
 But, yeah, after, we totally have to wind down on my patio and have a snack to avoid going to bed hungry. Best sushi I've ever had, and I love sushi, but those little shits are pricy at this place.
     Anyhow, I've got some stuff to share over the next few days, so I'll be back.


Irish said...

I bet you had fun with that "snowflake"

Stackz O Magz said...

Haha, dem feels be crazy on these young Bernie loving white girls bruh...

Will said...

If you haven't seen it, check out the book: SJWAL (SJW's Always Lie), by Vox Day. Good info on how to deal with those idiots, and how to protect yourself if you work with any of them.

Hmm, actually, I think it is important to know the contents, as otherwise, you could get royally screwed in employment areas.