Friday, October 2, 2015

 The American ship "El Faro" has gone missing somewhere in Hurricane Joachin. They reported flooding and a strong list, and have not been heard from since.

 If you're of a mind to, spare a thought for the 33 missing men and their families.


Irish said...

I saw that earlier. The seas must have obviously been pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul... I looked you up when I heard El Faro is declared gone. Look at all the weather info and the ships track and this will take you back to September 11 2008 on the New River. we did the exact same thing, the storm was the same and the ships were about the same .. We came out alive because we were about 50 miles farther away!!!!!!! Thank your lucky stars a thousand times over. Your blog is interesting. Hope you are well. Better to go visit ailing mom than dying at sea.My heart goes out for the families. I have just relieved 9/11/2008.