Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 4001

On day 4001, marking the day after a milestone, I got to bunker a cruise ship in Manhattan. Like most cruise ships, the engineering gang is all Russian, arrogant as hell, and also hates deodorant and the newfangled idea of the daily bath.

 Seriously, it's not fun to work when the bunker door of the ship is wafting out the smell of a double handful of warm bodies that smell like a burning dumpster full of diapers, onions and hair. You'd be surprised how far pockets of stank make it from the hatch, too. Well, you'd be surprised. I actually published the world's most boring scientific article on tracking smells in chaotic turbulent flow patterns... and obviously no one cares, but it WAS a $5 million dollar grant the Navy gave us to model this stuff for mine-sniffing robots. Shit you not. I did some dumb shit.  None of that was much comfort when the smell of ass and hot onions was all around me. Men smell that bad, you taste that shit in the air, and it ain't nice.

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Stackz O Magz said...

Smell like a hand full of hot pennies and garlic. I know exactly what you mean bro. Good lawd, y'all put on some deodorant. I'll even buy you a few sticks. HA!