Wednesday, June 17, 2015

sort of home

Well, I'm back on the Big Metal Monastery, and that's a good thing. I didn't realize how much working elsewhere stresses me out, until I got back this morning. The HQ was clean, familiar, organized and well, contains my friends and my stuff.  I can feel my blood pressure dropping.

 I had a good week with Big Chocolate on the old trunk deck barge, and prior to that, another good week with Delicious on the OTHER trunk deck barge. (Everyone gets a nickname when they work with me. Just ask Hippopotamus Fetus, Brock of Ages, Father Time, the Cuban Missile and the S-Finger).  

 So, today is Day 43, and there are 28 days to go until I get home. I'm not quite exactly just now, but I'm better.
Delicious at the crane on board the Career Killer

The HQ, looking good. Painting season is 75% done.

Super Post-Panamax ship. (damn big). I just like the name. Zamzam. 

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