Tuesday, April 21, 2015

last watch

Another voyage done- this was a quick one, just 28 days.

        I''m hoping to be at the airport for lunch, and home for a late dinner.

 Might be a marathon double-tour next time. Got some stuff in the works, have to see.

 In the meanwhile, Cargo was pumped off, and we're sitting at a lay berth. I've got an awkward tugboat to dock ride, then a taxi commute into NY at morning rush hour (We're in beautiful Newark, NJ, the Paris of the northeast) before I can go get my nuggets juggled by a 400-lb TSA agent prior to getting on the plane.

 Oh, I have resolved to start breathing heavy and whispering 'oh, yeah.' during my TSA pat-down, because why the hell should I be the only one who feels uncomfortable?

 Anyhow, feel free to look at the Brazilian cheerleaders until I get back.

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