Wednesday, March 12, 2014

no more adventure for a bit, thank you.

Well, I would have rather have just gone home, but when I decided to work an extra 2 weeks to pay for the impending move, I got to do some different stuff. I got to go on the icebreaking run up the Hudson to deliver home heating oil to the folks of the Pocanos, then I got to work the early prototype for our new design oil barges currently under construction (having done so, I appreciate the older-type vessels like HAWSEPIPER's Afloat Global HQ. Better and more homey quarters for yours truly.

 Anyhow, I'm back Home aboard the HQ, here for the next month before I can actually go home-home. Loaded up on grub, got a good nights' sleep and we're ready to go move some stinky-ass black oil so you, Dear Reader, can have your plastic lawn furniture, IPhones and fresh vegetables delivered to our shores.

 Oh, I also had to go ashore in Brooklyn yesterday, so I got a haircut from a muslim from Kazakhstan Call me what you will, but when he held up the straight razor and asked me if I wanted a shave, I felt like the cow must feel when hoofs hit floor at the abattoir. Kid looked like he was about 12, and was as ernest as could be, but I puckered up so hard that I could taste the fabric of the leather chair I was sitting on. Shame on me, I suppose.

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