Friday, September 27, 2013

Vespers, waiting for Compline

So big news in the commercial fishing world. The major backer of the proposed Pebble Mine (a massive gold mine project proposed in Alaska, unfortunately located in the headwaters of Bristol Bay, home of the largest Sockeye Salmon breeding grounds in the world) pulled out this week, taking a half BILLION dollar loss, apparently choosing to not spend good money after bad.

 While not the end of the road (there is still a minority partner who doesn't want to walk from their near $200 million stake), this represents the first victory of any sort I can think of for the commercial fishermen of the US, who, in this case, organized a fantastic campaign with the assistance of assorted green fruits and nuts.

 Sun Tzu was on to something with that whole 'the enemy of my enemy...' thing.  It's really unfair he never got a chicken dish named after him like generals Gao and Tso.

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