Thursday, May 3, 2012's what's for breakfast

Did you know that you can get breakfast at IKEA?  I had no idea. With several of us rafted up at a dock in Red Hook NY (a section of Brooklyn, apparently), we went on a field trip and tried it out. It's IKEA. I figured I'd have to cook it myself.

 End result? Not bad, for a buffet breakfast- you know, where the eggs are served with an ice-cream scoop. Still, crepes with lingonberry were different. Those Swedes have a thing for Lingonberry. Like Japanese businessmen with used girls' underwear. Can't hold the bag of a decent greasy spoon back home though. Sure, you can get pickled herring, but not a blood sausage to be seen.

       Some dingleberry in one of the barges that are rafted outboard of us has been costing us money here, anyhow. They're tying down gangways and boarding ladders, and then, as the tide falls, the aluminum is getting bent into artistic shapes. We returned from breakfast to find the ladder folder in half in the shape of a question mark, which made getting aboard not bloody likely. We ended up going up the pidgeon holes, which is an adventure in itself.

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