Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What a thought

"Our Geologists determine how much freedom people need."

With the annual Prod Pride parade season bloodbath well under way in northern Ireland, and Senator Lurch Kerry and John McCain agitating for mo' money and mo' bombs... er, Weapons of Mass Liberation for Libya, an associate made an interesting point about who the real freedom brokers are. Petroleum geologists apparently determine who gets NATO assistance, and who gets to have molotov cocktails thrown at their children by peace loving English, peacekeepers.

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bigsoxfan said...

It gets worse. I just finshed a conversation with my normally sane mom; during the course of said conversations she suggested I explore the yahoo writings of an on of her aquitances who is convinced that a consortium of investors is manipulating the oil market by holding a large amount of crude offshore on tankers, which then creates a situation where they can sell thier larger reserves at whatever high price they can manage. The worst thing is, I'm not entirely positive, the tin foil hat guy could be correct.