Saturday, April 23, 2011

deep thoughts

1) I watched the movie "sucker punch" last night. I am reminded of the fact that no matter how much you slo-mo and bleach out the color on a movie, if it has a stupid plot and makes no sense, it's still going to suck ass. I feel like I just wiped my ass with 2 perfectly good hours of my life, hours that I will never, ever get back. Someone is going to pay. Please buy some more fucking light bulbs and give that empty-eyed blond girl a sandwich. Christ only knows when the last time someeone fed her. I don't like it when they try to make a woman look sexy AND 12.

2). Everyone's buying bunker oil outside the US. Thank President Obama for us, and for his exceptional leadership in fostering a tax environment that makes Port Au Prince, Haiti more attractive for a fuel stop than New York. I've been to Po-a-pranz. It's like God took a dump behind a dumpster in a puddle, but without all the charming ambiance of the space behind a dumpster.

3). I wonder when the US is finally going to produce a military leader so profoundly charismatic that a tasty chincken dinner will be named after him. Comrade Generals Tso and Gao, I salute you, and your blend of sweet and sour, tangy chicken.

4). If you can't tell, it's raining heavily, we're idle, and I can't get outside for my daily 45-minutes of walking laps around the deck edge. I did a prison workout in our after rake void (the only ventilated compartment with enough room for a fattish man to heave himself about without upsetting a spice rack or tool bin aboard, sadly) this morning, but I've got a touch of claustrophobia- rain or not, periodically I have to stick my head outside and then go switch out t-shirts.

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staghounds said...

What, you never heard of Colonel Sanders???