Friday, March 25, 2011

at first I was all like, yeah, but then I was all like, no.

In my spam filter was an email for "Angelina Jolie free sample." the other day.

I haven't been so tempted to open a spam mail since I first infected my first computer back in the day. I almost gave in to this one. I mean, it could be anything related to Angelina Jolie, whom I find attractive, incidentally. Anyhow, with great reluctance, I deleted the email, and will be forever questioning what was in there. It was probably something good, like candy.

Anyhow, today I get another email from the same address, entitled "Ellen Degeneres free sample." And thus, the temptation dies.

I'm almost certain that that one didn't have anything good in it. There was almost definitely no candy there.


Bob said...

Angelina was hot in her Lara Croft days, but more recently has given in to the cult of Hollywood starvation, and is bony as hell.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Yup, I just saw "Wanted." Horrible movie, BTB. She looks like a clothes hanger.