Wednesday, February 2, 2011

grande arrival

There was no avoiding the unpleasant drive from Boston to New York last night, so I ducked out with evening traffic, following the herd through the ice and snow at a rockin' 15mph through Massachusetts and RI- I broke out of the first weather system just as the roads cleared up and managed to get my ass to NY in one piece before the next weather system closed in- A quick nap and here I am at 5am, throwing salt on deck to mitigate the effects of the freezing rain. Hopefully this isn't setting the tone for the next 4 weeks, but regardless, after the 6 hour white-knuckle marathon last night, I'm just happy to be here.


Anonymous said...

after the white mountains . . . this should be like springtime.

DB said...

In NY? Not sure if you are a native - if not I have a feeling you might like McSorely's... Try and catch it at an off hour if you have time.