Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well, we got bombed in the latest storm. Again. I'm deep loading us with RMK-700, a nasty heavy fuel oil that has to be really really hot to flow, so already, just 2hours into the load, the water is trickling over the side in a few key spots. This is a good thing, because I'm tired of running around deck through the maze of pathways we've cut in the snow. I keep thinking their might be a piece of cheese at the end of the maze, but instead there's always an ullage point huffing gouts of foul, sulphur-laden warm air from the active tanks. Not exactly rewarding.

Speaking of which, does anyone out there know how I can clean a bomber-style float coat? I can't dry clean it, can't machine wash it, and it's starting to develop a certain gym-locker smell that brings back unpleasant memories. Any suggestions would be appreciated... by everyone around me.


eastriver said...

I had the same problem with my Mustang coat -- finally ended up laying it out on a clean bit of the deck, hosing the bejesus out of it, scrubbing with a truck-wash brush and dilute Simple Green inside and out, hosing again and hanging to dry in the fidley underway. It worked. Kept meaning to go to the Mustang website, but never got around to it... good luck!

Anonymous said...

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