Wednesday, April 14, 2010

it's all relative

So, when talking to Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife tonight, she tells me that it's 'muito cold' back home. She tells me that she needs to get her winter coat back out.
I looked at the weather. During the day it was t-shirt weather for me. My wife has a jacket and scarf on.
This makes me concerned in that we talk sometimes about relocating to her hometown in Brazil, where, in theory, I could commute up north for work when it's time to go to sea. My wife tells me, however, that she finds December 'very hot.' at home, but otherwise the weather is lovely.

Now, for a woman who finds 50+ degrees to be cold, I'm afraid to ask what too hot means. But I do, and she tells me that anything over 40 centigrade (about 103, I think) is hot. Under 103 is apparently pleasant. 42, 43 degrees is too hot. I'm pretty sure that 44 degrees is where my pasty ass of Irish genetic decent would burst into flames. I'd melt. I'd look like the Pillsbury doughboy egg timer that I put in a frying pan when I was a kid . (You know, my parents were very accepting of my early 'scientific experiments' providing that I not fill the house with noxious black smoke)
Yeah. It gets over 90 and I start picking fights. Maybe relocating isn't for me.

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