Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I got a nice little promotion today. That's a good thing. More on it later. My first job as king of steel beach is a double job, and of course, it's pouring rain and windy as balls. So, while being eyeballed at the office, I have to sail us cockeyed with a heavy port list to do the first job, so that we can sail on an even keel to the more distant second job. Awesome.
My first full day in the new job started at 0015. I have a new mate working for me, so we're going through the 'getting to know you' awkwardness caused by two strange men living in a heavily confined space together. Good times.


doubletrouble said...

Congrats sailor!

Eric O. said...

All in a days work Bro! Congratulations!!

bowsprite said...

congratulations! good times: let 'em roll.