Saturday, August 1, 2009

what I'm thinking about today

(in no particular order)

1). Why am I becoming more reluctant to climb to heights, jump across gaps and climb ladders? I used to love heights and doing dumb things. Now, climbing the mast is a trial, as is going up a ladder to the deck of a loosely-moored barge. I feel that barge swinging and swaying, and it freaks me out as I'm on the ladder.

I was standing on a gangway when it collapsed under me a few years ago, sending me into the water. That's probably it. I was wearing my officer's uniform, and everything. $200 shoes, ruined. Also, the gangway landed right next to me. Would have squished me.

2). Why am I not keeping up with technology? I used to be a tech junkie. Now, I am being taunted by the numerous buttons of my new cell phone.
Oh, also, I dropped my old cell phone in the water. While jumping across from the deck of one barge to another. This morning. Only like a 4-5 foot gap between the two. I was WAY skittish. And so the world's oldest cell phone gets a burial at sea.

3). 11 days and counting until I get to see my family. In mariner's parlance, this is called "getting short" The next step is Channel Fever.

4). I ate my first (and second) corn dog today. They smell like Twinkies when you microwave them. The flavor? Well, not Twinkie like. Arteries clogging in 3...2...1...

That be all


doubletrouble said...

1) You're getting old
2) See #1
4) a microwaved corn dog is against the laws of nature

and you forgot-
5) I'll be missing yet another NE Bloggershoot.

You GOTTA take us up on this once & awhile...

Paul, Dammit! said...

I know! With the switch to tugs, I thought I'd have more time home. I need to knock up my wife and have a better excuse to stay home more.