Wednesday, February 18, 2009

rant for breakfast

Wow, hard day yesterday.

So, it's not going to be difficult for today to be better than yesterday. The day was what it was. The drive from Boston to Baltimore was memorable for the three traffic jams that cost me about an hour. New York and New Jersey, of course. What can you do?
Anyone else reading this who has to travel down 95 between DE and NY? Mein Gott, the tolls! In the span of 15 minutes, I had to cross three toll booths, at $9.05, $3 and $4 respectively. In 17 miles! Hey, it could be worse! The northbound ride home costs me $15 more in tolls.

Anyhow, my real reason for writing is to ponder the Highway Hotels of America, and their take on breakfast.

You've all been there. Continental breakfasts, comprising cold bagels, untoasted bread, coffee served in dixie cups and such.

Well, the company I'm starting with today went more upscale, and the place I'm in had a full breakfast buffet.
TWO kinds of bagels. Plain, and raisin plain. A toaster was there! Glory! The ubiquitous mini-muffin tray was on hand. Two flavors: yellow, and yellow/brown. I tried the yellow, and it tasted like, well, not so much. All to the good.

The silverwave was funny. Prepackaged plastic 1/2 size knife, fork and spoon. Wasn't a spork, anyhow. Worked out well for me. The tiny fork couldn't hold much, and hey, I'm trying to watch my weight.

There were eggs on hand! Scrambled eggs, swimming in butter-flavored something. Tasty and real, but I had a tiny portion. My heart was seizing up just looking at that stuff.

Anyhow, compared to your average greasy spoon breakfast, it was mighty meh. Not so much. For a Best Western? Damn better than expected, and believe me, my expectations are LOW.

Gastric disturbances aside, today looks to be busy. I'm meeting some office folk here in Baltimore, than it's off to Philly to meet more folks and get on a boat.

Oh, of course, I always forget one thing, every trip, and remember the next day: I forgot my winter coat. Going to be a little chilly for Yers truly.

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Bob said...

I work at a Comfort Suites myself, and have to say that our breakfast buffet is pretty good. The scrambled eggs are made in the microwave in a mass batch, and come out pretty well, save for the bit around the edges of the bowl, which are usually overcooked. The bacon comes to the hotel half-cooked and refrigerated, and only has to be finished in the broiler. Biscuits come the same way, and are pretty good. We even have a waffle iron for fresh waffles. Grits, toast, bagels, mini-muffins and yogurt are also available.

Good blog, I think I found you via Og's or Jay's comments.