Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wow... not cool.

I knew that,with the weight loss, I had lost some muscle, too.
 I've re-gained 20lbs since coming off the diet, so I'm still down 60lbs from my start. This was expected, as I started craving protein like a madman, while already on a 70% protein diet. When I realized that I had had the same cold/sinus infection for 6 weeks, I knew that I overdid it. Anemia, general weakness, blah blah blah. Anyways, I went from taking in 1,500 calories a day (w/ 1.5-2 hours of exercise daily) to 4,000, and within 5 days my cold was gone. I'm trying to keep the calorie count around 3,000 now. Some days it works, other days, chocolate chip cookies.
   At any rate, pre-diet, I could hug-and drag about 20 feet of loaded black oil hose across the deck at work. I figure that's about 500lbs of drag.  Last night I tried to do about half that, and moved about 6 inches. So, I'm not feeling good about that. I still don't have the energy I did pre-diet, either. I think that, despite my best effort, I may have screwed my metabolism up. So far as I know, the only cure is to up the exercise, which is unpleasant, and with 4 1/2 weeks to go into a 10 week cruise, I'm awfully invested in mating ass to chair.

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