Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ahhhh... nice to be home, even if it's just my home away from home. I got back aboard last night, and promptly felt the tension ease out of my shoulder. Don't know what's up, but my left shoulder feels like there's ground glass pounded into it, though it's noticeably better today.
   Anyhow, to celebrate my hopefully permanent return aboard here at HAWSEPIPER's floating global HQ/dollar store, here are some lovely Brazilian women for you to look at. Note the artistic use of "Fio Dental" (Dental floss).


HT said...

Glad your back on your Reg. barge. I know the feeling, my back,neck and shoulder always felt better when I got back on my Rig. With people I knew and felt comfortable with, the tension always seemed to Ebb. Like you, I always worked all over, but there is no place like home! Even though its your home away from home...its what sets you at ease. Its funny I have been retired for 3 years, and I still talk to my old partner (we were stuck on that metal box for years together)at least 2x a week.He is retired now also, and I made a friend for life.

Anonymous said...

You are kind to your readers.

Eric O. said...

It's are extremely kind to your readers. This weeks crop of photos makes me want to book a ticket across the equator, RIGHT NOW!

Hope your shoulder feels better and isn't injured. Stretch, stretch, stretch!!! Or...skretch as I used to say for a small fart...PERIOD OF TIME!!