Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2 to go

A little time spent here at HAWSEPIPER's floating global HQ/thrift store was just what I needed, apparently. I'm mostly recovered from being passed around the fleetlike the village bicycle last week. Today is crew change day, here aboard our little metal slice of heaven. I'm staying on for two more weeks. This makes today the start of week 9 here aboard, and that's no joke. I'm a little peaky, but hanging in there.

    It being spring (at least on the calendar, today being rainy and cold), we spend the past weekend painting the galley here at HQ. We picked a nice gray blue (but not cornflower. I hate that color) that we all found classy. We also planted this years' garden in buckets on deck.

We've also bought a gallon of paint in a nice peach color for the head. We found the color 'soothing,' which seems appropriate on a vessel where I'm the only one who gets enough fiber.

 I stepped on the scale while ashore over the weekend and was dismayed to see my weight is still sitting above where I'd like it. It's stable, though, and I'm back to feeling 100%, so I guess I should be happy there. In the meanwhile, we're heading south on the Delaware river to pick up a load of crude oil and take it out for a Sunday drive later this week. Nice to be back at work on my own decks, though I wish we hadn't waited until it was raining. I chafe.


Weer'd Beard said...

An on-deck garden? I'm sure the sun is great, but how does it handle the salt air and Diesel smoke?

Not to mention the omni-present spray?

Paul, Dammit! said...

It's in a protected area on deck, midships, where spray shouldn't be an issue unless we do an ocean passage, which we haven't done much of!