Saturday, May 12, 2012

puttin' on some freshies

Life is good again. Due to logistical dificulties, I went without a change of underwear for an...extended period of time. For a person with somewhat meticulous hygiene desires (I shower at least twice a day, and change my clothes accordingly), this was double plus ungood. Anyhow, this wasn't nearly as bad as the poor tankerman I was trapped with, who had to deal with me eating dinner while clad in a towel as my unmentionables got laundered. Anyhow, after picking up a ride to Baltimore, watching over a cargo discharge, then sailing to Philadelphia to shoehorn a quadruple load into our tanks, only to sail back to Baltimore to discharge again, I was greatly relieved to be...relieved and driven back overland to Philly, there to take up residence at home again on my regular place of business. To celebrate my partner and i had fish and chips at an ancient and incredibly tastefully done Irish pub in Philly. A Guinness would not have been remiss; drinking on the clock being a capital crime, however, we made do with soda. Screw it, it was awesome to be back.

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