Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Very cool

Cancel the visit to Dr. Kevorkian's clinic. We got our AC back.

     The AC died first thing yesterday morning- a combination of busy day and jobs that took longer than they should have kept us away from the dock an extra couple of hours, where the AC guy was waiting on us.
     Living in a hot metal box that sits on top of another hot metal box is rough without the AC. By the time the tech got to us, the supply houses were closed for the night, so we slept without AC, which, through cold showers and a light breeze, was possible, after sipping ice water and sitting outside for a couple of hours w/ no shirt on, something no one wants to see. Still, it worked. By midnight it was 77 degrees inside the house, and while not comfortable, it was good enough to get a nap. By 5am, it was in the 80's again, and we were up, but we got the AC fixed by 1400, and off we went. In the meanwhile we got some work done, not as much as an ordinary standby day, but productive enough.

 Oh, and I got to meet New England Waterman who comments here, sometimes, and has an excellent blog that is in my feed, but for some reason, I never put it up on my blogroll- until today.
    Wicked nice guy, good boat handler, too.

 Anyhow, the AC is on, and I'm gonna sleep early tonight, I suspect.


Jill said...

sure glad you were able to get it fixed so quick, no AC is absolutely miserable!

Will said...

Have you considered trying some of the new tech underwear? This one seems to be tolerable, and is on closeout, so price is decent:

I'll be ordering a few more. I normally can't wear polyester against my skin, due to the prickly, itchy feel it typically has.